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I write about education and politics at @POLITICO. Minnesota grown. Email:
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.@StephanieSimon_: hi Stephanie! Can you help @maggieseverns try real reporting: Transcription isn't reporting. #p2
.@bendreyfuss: if a reporter doesn't even seek out a dissenting POV, is that reporting or propaganda? @MaggieSeverns did the latter. #tcot
.@Joy_Resmovits: isn't it standard to seek out a dissenting voice? Compare #journalism, @maggieseverns style: #tcot
.@NirviShah: @MaggieSeverns piece contained *zero* contrary info. Can you help her become a real reporter: ? #tcot
.@MandyZatynski: allow me to suggest a real reporter. @maggieseverns won't even call out Grover Norquist: #tcot #p2
.@ksquaredchgo: there are huge downsides to the Graham plan. You won't hear about them from @maggieseverns: #occupy
.@AlexSollberger: the @MaggieSeverns report on had zero contrary info. Is that in any way #journalism?
.@DylanByers: @MaggieSeverns put *no* contrary info in her article ( ). Is that in any way journalism? #tcot #ows
.@MaggieSeverns: downsides of Don Graham's plan: When will you call @GroverNorquist etc on those downsides?