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♰ #WeAreN ن ✡
I am ن #Assyrian an American #Patriot Legally immigrated & assimilated bcz I Love America #2A #Israel #BlueLivesMatter #ProLife #MAGA #AmericaFirst
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I assert that those like @LVNancy & 99.9999999999999% of all other Trump fans/enablers/employees/proxies aren't smart enough to set policy.
.@LVNancy: is a Sudanese peace activist a threat to the USA, or could a speaking tour with them have some good for Sudan & USA?
MT @LVNancy 49 countries are predominantly muslim/6 of the most dangerous are on the #TravelBan/Eto ne #muslimBan - Eto National Security
.@LVNancy @SMolloyDVM: Trump is scared of tough questions. Organize a campaign to ask him these questions: #CruzCrew
.@LVNancy: we could stop Obama's immigration agenda right now, but so far @RefugeeWatcher refuses to help. Can you change her mind?