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Immigration reporter @houstonchron, former @reuters CentAm @mySA crime @columbiajourn. AfriTexan︎ RT ≠ si
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.@lomikriel: @robertpjones polls = asking "which color car do you want, mauve or chartreuse?" Repeating their polls = disinfo. #immigration
.@lomikriel: current PRRI poll is deceptive in same way their past polls were:
.@lomikriel: seriously, Lomi? You of all people should know that PRRI poll is deceptive because it ignores other options. I'm shocked.
.@lomikriel: Americans already do those type of jobs; more would if foreign citizens weren't undercutting the mkt. @LauraGoldbergHC #Houston
.@lomikriel: in addition to being traitorous, you're lying about what I said. #immigration @LauraGoldbergHC #Houston #tcot #teaparty #ows
.@LauraGoldbergHC: you & @lomikriel are traitors to the millions of unemployed Americans who could do those jobs. #Houston #ows #uniteblue
RT @lomikriel: Low-skill jobs hard to fill as Obama considers immigration policy
RT @LoebVernon: As immigration chaos continues, displaced kids make Houston home; Harris Co. gets most kids nationally @lomikriel http://t.…