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Kevin M. Kruse
Princeton, NJ
Historian, author most recently of One Nation Under God: How Corporate America Invented Christian America (Basic Books, 2015)
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.@Plantflowes: edited: @KevinMKruse is on same side of #immigration as USChamber.Trump for all his issues is at least kinda on workers' side
.@Plantflowes: @KevinMKruse is on same side of #immigration as USChamber. Trump, for all his problems, at least someone is on workers' side.
.@Aaron_RS @ctsa @EaGT33: #immigration stance of @KevinMKruse would help McDonalds, WalMart, #Koch, USChamber, etc. lower wages even more.
MT @KevinMKruse "Legal" immigration (visas, passports, green cards, etc) is purely 20th c. construct// Like 40 hr work week, no child labor.
.@KevinMKruse: in the Franklin Graham post, @JonathanMerritt lies. JM implies FG wanted internment camps when that's not the case. #tcot