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Ret'd attorney, committed 2 prog solutions 2address plight of 47%; OldHippieActivist/ Quaker/Mom of (adult)Aspie son. Pic: belovd Gracie, Scot. Deerhound, RIP.
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.@KC52inNC: OK, so? My point is that both Big Biz & non-profits/pols/religious groups/etc. make it easier to come or stay illegally.
.@KC52inNC: actually, around 40% are visa overstays, not "VAST majority". Over the border or not, Big Biz *and* fake liberals invite more.
.@KC52inNC: glad you agree on that part. Now, what part do NGOs like NCLR & ACLU play in making it easier to come here illegally? #ows #tcot
.@KC52inNC: as a pro-47% atty, would there have been fewer border deaths if U.S. businesses weren't so welcoming?
.@KC52inNC: bar exam Q: who's helped more by the #immigration stance of @ryangrim: #WalMart, or WalMart workers? #ows #occupy #uniteblue
.@KC52inNC: no story link, just etc. etc. #immigration #uniteblue
.@RyanHeisinger: *odd* how #immigration position of MotherJones is same as #Koch & @USChamber, no? @rrkennison @KC52inNC #UniteBlue #tlot