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Michigander at heart but adopted by Colorado. Conservative. MSNBC contributor. GWU prof. Proud Romney alum and Bush 43 alum.
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.@ZeelandCap: @katiepack would probably be pro-Trump if not for a) Trump has a memory, & b) Trump favors the competent. #NeverTrump
.@stevenpmullins: what cost Romney: #IAmThe53 + listening to Carlos Gutierrez + incompetent hacks like @katiepack. He might be worse than O.
@katiepack @DavidIRamadan @mckaycoppins @JoshHarkinson Romney's team unnecessary heavy handed tactics @ the Tampa convention cost him dearly
@katiepack @DavidIRamadan @mckaycoppins @JoshHarkinson Trump is an idiot but don't use Romney as an example for something to strive for.
.@Lonestarmomcom: ask @KatiePack 's sugardaddies why she refuses to do when it's only thing that'd work.
.@Lonestarmomcom: want to stop Trump? Contact @KatiePack 's sugardaddies and ask them why she refuses to do the only thing that'd work.
@24AheadDotCom_ @katiepack must must read! Important
.@Lonestarmomcom: @katiepack couldn't beat a buffoon. Twice! Captain of Titanic was more competent. #NeverTrump
@katiepack We need Third party option about now.
Shame/discredit @KatiePack & @LizMair into using Problem solved. MT @steveschale #NeverTrump couldn't do its job
.@shanevanderhart: Trump is an incredibly flawed candidate, yet @katiepack just helps him. Now that's mind-numbing. #NeverTrump #Trump2016
.@bigredmatt1011 @PerryBullock: looking at delegate counts, momentum, reality, etc., what grade would you give @KatiePack? #NeverTrump
RT @PerryBullock: @katiepack @EliStokols @PaulManafort @chucktodd where were so called the "best and brightest" Trump promised to hire?
.@paulmanafort: what do you think of @KatiePack using ? Lawyerly policy questions would decimate Trump's support.
Huuuuuge win tonight for @club4growth @TPPatriots and Our Principles PAC @katiepack Trump getting thumped #tcot #sgp #WIPrimary
Scary thought: there's no anti-Trump cavalry. @LizMair & @katiepack are the smartest the opposition is going to get. #Trump2016 #NeverTrump
That's cute, but aren't @katiepack & (perhaps) @redsteeze getting paid to stop Trump? Are they doing their jobs, #NeverTrump? #CruzCrew #gop
RT @katiepack RT @redsteeze: Want to drive Trump off the deep end? Run Megyn Kelly as the 3rd party conservative alternative candidate.
.@melissadawes: if @katiepack were even more incompetent than she is now, what would that look like? Hard to imagine, isn't it? #NeverTrump
@SGallopo @katiepack We would prefer he stops.
@katiepack @realDonaldTrump @MittRomney I'm sure Mormons are thrilled that Trump is speaking on their behalf
.@mikeyavo: you have to be smart. If you wanted to stop Trump, would you do it the idiotic way @KatiePack does it? #NeverTrump
@katiepack @nickconfessore I believe Mitt is decent but also very tone deaf with that Cayman Island stuff
RT @jopchu22: @katiepack @morningmoneyben ok it's getting old. Just go vote for hillary. Democrat.
.@brettjtalley: FYI, @katiepack could easily stop Trump if she found a smart lawyer type to ask him tough questions about his policies. #gop
.@MoElleithee: did you follow the $ on @KatiePack? Who funds her & why? Do they employ illegal aliens, outsource, etc.? Try some journalism.
RT @GUPublicPolicy: Talk about access: hanging out with @GUPolitics Fellow @katiepack on primary day, talking 2016.
@katiepack Those people from West Texas and Eastern Kentucky and upstate New York are the core of this party. No wonder they feel betrayed.
.@Veteran4Trump @PhilipRucker: they should just point out how obviously incompetent @katiepack is. She could stop Trump if she were smart.
RT @PhilipRucker: Stop Trump leader @katiepack gets e-mails and tweets from Trumpeters threatening to kill her, her family & her dog https:…
.@BFischerMartin @AU_SPA: Trump's immigration plans are 100% weak because they're unrealistic. You won't hear that from @katiepack. #tcot
Keepin' it smart & classy! MT @katiepack Whaaaat??? @realDonaldTrump claims to employ people at a hotel he doesn't even own? PANTS ON FIRE!
RT @AU_SPA: SPA's @BFischerMartin and co-host @haddadmedia talk #Election2016 campaign strategy w/ @taddevine and @katiepack:…
.@BFischerMartin: @katiepack helped Romney lose, now she's too dumb & irrational to stop Trump. She might as well work for Trump. #Trump2016
RT @BFischerMartin: The woman behind anti-Trump suprPAC @katiepack tells @MastersPodcast why on earth Romney reached out to Trump in '12 ht…
.@JuliannAndreen @Timodc: @katiepack etc. help Trump. Only way to stop him is Demand she stops wasting $ & does that
.@JuliannAndreen @Timodc: Mitt, @katiepack *help* Trump. Only way to stop him is Demand she stops wasting $ & does that
RT @Timodc: All Donald talks about is polls. Look to @katiepack's Daily Donald on how little hed have to talk about in general…
.@katiepack: you're paid to stop Trump, and this is how to do it: Please explain why you refuse to do your job.
.@katiepack RTs Is she smart enough to stop Trump?
.@katiepack: another key thing is to make Trump toxic to those in Congress. See for questions for Duncan Hunter. Ask them.
.@katiepack: the key is to undercut Trump to his base. A great way to do that is to show them he's misleading them: