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Kathy Little
Cape Cod, Ma
Slightly irreverent, conservative, a diehard Fox News Fan! Pro Constitution & love my country. Proud daughter of WWII Navy vet. (RIP) & brother is a Marine!
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.@KathyLittle18 @WMikeWood: after Trump deports all illegal aliens, he'd legalize millions of them. Has @AnnCoulter discussed that? #tcot
.@KathyLittle18: in July 2014, I asked you to "send a message straight to Obama" using one of my plans. If ppl had, we wouldn't have amnesty
.@KathyLittle18: unless it gets lots of RTs, Obama's not going to care. Smarter solution is in my bio. Send a message straight to Obama.
.@KathyLittle18 @TheaGood @qnoftherealm: look up Kirsten Powers fans, point out her #immigration stance increases # of kids dying in desert.