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Kathy Ko Chin is President & CEO of the Asian & Pacific Islander American Health Forum. All opinions mine only. @APIAHF @APIAHFpolicy
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.@vincent_pan: @KathyKoChin clearly isn't smart enough to answer simple questions: Can you help her? #immigration
.@aikolaughs: @KathyKoChin opines about #immigration, but can't answer my questions about it: Give you confidence?
RT @24AheadDotCom: .@AAPIchange: can you ask @KathyKoChin when she'll come back and answer my questions: ? #immigrat…
.@AAPIchange: can you ask @KathyKoChin when she'll come back and answer my questions: ? #immigration #tcot #ows #p2
.@kathykochin: hello! I would like to open a dialogue with you concerning my questions: Let's rap! #immigration
.@KathyKoChin: in any case, your response didn't answer my questions: Why can't you answer them? @AAPIchange
.@KathyKoChin @AAPIchange: #immigration "reform" would have huge benefits to racial power advocates & the rich, but huge costs to Americans.
.@AAPIchange: @kathykochin can't answer even simple questions: How can you trust anything she writes? #immigration
.@ninarobertsnyc: some questions for @KathyKoChin: While waiting for her return, do you want to try answering them?
.@KathyKoChin: do you realize it's misleading to lump high-skilled #immigration together with the low-skilled kind as you did?
.@KathyKoChin: why is your #immigration position so much in line with #CATO and @GroverNorquist? Aren't you a liberal?
.@KathyKoChin: some of the costs to #Lewiston: Why didn't you mention those costs?
.@KathyKoChin: was there a vote in #Lewiston whether the residents wanted so many Somalis (10% of their population) to move there?