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Karol Markowicz
BK all day
Born USSR | raised Brooklyn. Columnist @nypost, elsewhere. *Girl, it's your 2nd amendment.* I don't name-call on Twitter but I think it real loudly. Open DMs.
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.@karol: you say the war on "fake news" is lefties trying to silence debate. What are you doing about fake stories that make that easier?
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@NathanWurtzel I'm mystified by this attitude. It's as good as it's ever been.
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From @karol
@JohnEkdahl @NathanWurtzel This episode was good. The waitress veer-off was really annoying. Wrap up the show, not a whole new plot/char.
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.@karol: privet. FYI, NathanWurtzel tried to hide it but he supports amnesty:
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'As many as 2/3 of new IT hires are guestworkers; not because there aren't enough skilled Americans but because guestworkers are cheaper.'
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@ByronYork @kausmickey There should be a “duh” in there somewhere.
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.@karol: hola. Pretend you hired Kaus or @ByronYork to stop amnesty: paid them real zlotys to do a job. Would you ask for a refund or not?