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John Tamny
Washington, D.C.
Editor of RealClearMarkets. Columnist for Forbes. Forbes on Fox cast member. Author of the book Popular Economics
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RT @RandyToblerMD: Live today with latest on #NorthKoreaMissileCrisis #economy w/ @johntamny , #chicagosanctuary suit with #hvonspkovsky @9…
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.@BradHildebrand: @johntamny called a USA-denouncing billionaire a "hero": Is Saverin a hero to you? #MAGA
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RT @larry_kudlow: Great fun @batchelorshow @johntamny @larry_kudlow knocking down Phillips curve, secular stagnation,cheap dollar.But I lov…
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.@johntamny: Batchelor: Kudlow: Try to remember why you got into reporting. #immigration
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@24AheadDotCom @johntamny Legal Immigration broken Job shops bring workers on L-1 visas, EB1C and then outsource these work to offshore