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John Logsdon
Iowa City, IA
Molecular Evolutionary Biologist. Assoc. Prof. Biology & former UIPM Director @UIowa (all opinions my own; RTs not endorsements) I study sex
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.@MicrobiomDigest can you let @johnlogsdon know I'll be trying to get negatives on him to the top of Google searches for his name? Thanks.
.@MicrobiomDigest: @johnlogsdon blocked me for pointing out Iowans tend not to put USA first & ask candidates *tough* questions. #UIowa #IA
RT @johnlogsdon in your previous tweet you called Iowans #scum. You are trolling me. So buh bye. #blocked
.@johnlogsdon: hey John, why do Iowans think it's all about them? They never put USA first & help vet the candidates. Why? #tcot #gop #ows