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Jamelle Bouie
Washington, D.C.
@Slate Chief Political Correspondent. @CBSNews Political Analyst. Photographer. I sell prints:
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RT @jbouie: .@jonathanchait calls Trumpcare and its process the domestic equivalent of the Iraq War and I think that's right.…
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.@jslez: you know the joke about the thrice-married virgin? @jonathanchait is like the last husband. He talks a good game but does nothing.
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.@jslez: @jonathanchait could have helped stop Trump but refused. It'd be good if he helped my campaign to undercut Coulter but he won't.
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.@goodnewsgoddess: Trump has said some dumb & unworkable things, but @jbouie is a tool for loose borders/free trade NeoLiberal globalists.
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.@jbouie: has massive illegal #immigration increased # of poor in U.S. & would "reform" make that better or worse? #OWS #Occupy #uniteblue
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From @24aheaddotcom
LOL: @jbouie is smarter than @Reince @JebBush @MarcoRubio put together: @AlexConant #immigration #tcot #gop #ows