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Scottsdale, AZ
@SunDevilHockey now, @reviewjournal soon. My greatest athletic achievement was my rec-league hockey title in '15 and it's not close
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.@blubal42: I tried to get @J15Emerson to do real reporting & get Trump protest organizer show he opposes basic US concepts. Justin didn't.
.@J15Emerson: clearly, Reza doesn't support fundamental U.S. concepts of free speech. You can dig that out of him. #Trump2016 #Phoenix #tcot
.@J15Emerson: AFAICT, Reza might get $ from businesses that profit from illegal labor & from the government. He got at least 1 TIDES grant.
.@J15Emerson: since you don't "normally do news", let me help you out. Where does Trump protest organizer Salvador Reza's money come from?