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Terry O'
Mid-Atlantic Coast
Conservative, Capitalist, Small Gov't Loving, Ocean Loving Surfer Girl, Mom first, last, always! Big Ol' Patriot. Optimist. Catholic
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.@IrishTea1: is there a smarter plan to stop Trump than ? If so, what is it?
It can't even find my bio with the anti-Trump site -> MT @IrishTea1 I don't follow you. You are a lying #Trumpbot. Begone.
.@IrishTea1: stopping amnesty is one of the things you don't get. Put USA first, admit that, then help with my plans. Or keep helping Obama.
.@IrishTea1: I'm sure you'd admit (even silently) that there are some things you don't get: quantum mechanics, etc. Right?
With all due respect those like you are the ones who must do that. MT @IrishTea1 Get over yourself. It took the Supreme Court to block Obama
.@IrishTea1: in 2014, I asked you to help with If you had, we might have stopped Obama's amnesties.
.@IrishTea1: FYI, @KLSouth doesn't have any integrity:
.@IrishTea1: while you're waiting for Congress to do something, can you spend a few minutes on ?
.@IrishTea1: which is easier: getting Congress to defund, or ? While trying the first, will you try the second?
.@Sassafras_Knob @IrishTea1: getting Congress to defund amnesty will be extremely difficult. Discrediting Dems over amnesty is easy. Help.
.@IrishTea1: Obama will declare amnesty despite that. Please *urge* AndrewCMcCarthy to back the only plan to stop it: