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Moron Whisperer
Nashville, Tennessee
Greg, a former national goat-roping champion, broke his heart and became a songwriter. His mom wants him to buy a suit.
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.@GHalv: a month ago I sent you this link about Krikorian: Let's discuss that if you still think he's on our side.
.@GHalv: if @MarkSKrikorian was working for Obama, what would he do differently? Read with an open mind. #tcot
.@GHalv: to get a viral vid, read verbatim one of these questions: Or ask @AnnCoulter why she refused to assist that.
.@GHalv: @MarkSKrikorian, @NumbersUSA, Kaus, etc. refused to help with the campaign in my bio, even when an O admin hack replied. #tcot #sgp
.@GHalv: while @MarkSKrikorian has a megaphone & won't cooperate with me, we've had #DACA, CA DLs for IAs, etc. etc. #immigration #tcot
.@GHalv: keep dreaming. Amnesty keeps rolling along as @MarkSKrikorian, Numbers, etc. don't do all they could to stop it. #immigration #tcot
.@GHalv: on an A to F scale, how is @MarkSKrikorian doing at actually stopping amnesty? #immigration #NRO #teaparty #tcot #tgdn #sgp