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30 YR Veteran. RET MCPO. Conservative Christian Voter. I believe in all the amendments, not just one or two, but one and two are great starts. Small government.
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Thankfully, #Teaparty has American's back! #RuhRoh MT @GBoone56 DOJ announces new position to focus on domestic terror threat
.@GBoone56: a #Koch bro supports Scott Walker. He wouldn't if Walker was truly good on #immigration. Don't be fooled. #tcot #teaparty
.@GBoone56: start at to see what I've been doing since 2002. In Nov I sent you 4 tweets about how to stop amnesty.
.@GBoone56: in Nov, I asked you to ask Coulter to help with the only plan that would have stopped Obama's amnesty. Did you do that?
.@GBoone56: what I need is for Coulter etc. to back the only plan that will stop amnesty right now: Ask her to help.
.@GBoone56: Coulter, Levin, Rush, etc. probably all mostly agree with you. What I'd suggest you instead do is try to engage other side.
.@GBoone56: all those ppl you tweeted have no battle plan to stop amnesty. Would you go into battle without a battle plan? Demand better.
.@GBoone56: much more productive thing to do is to shame Coulter into making happen. Make her finally do something.