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Pro God, Engineer, Patriot, Pro-Life, Pro-gun, Mad as hell about the direction of our country, but in total awe of our men and women in our Armed Forces. #TGDN
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#MAGA -> @Frostviper Don't forget,ban liberalism,by far biggest threat to USA.Our forefathers would have used firing squad to eliminate them
#MAGA -> RT @Frostviper The US and Russia should join forces to eradicate Islam terrorists and ban Islam from both countries
.@Frostviper: the real reform that's needed is to smack down the elites, make them represent broad American interests. #immigration #ows #p2
.@Frostviper: it's actually fairly easy to #StopAmnesty. One problem: your gatekeepers are emotionally challenged dolts. #tcot #tgdn #sgp
.@Frostviper @abigeagle: ask iResistAll why he's annoying me (a long-time Rubio critic) in order to help Chris Loesch (a Rubio fanboy).