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Patrick Fornari
Author of - 'Commoner Sense - The Working Person's Guide to America' Conservative. Very concerned about average American working person. I support our founding!
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.@FornariSense: as @LindaSuhler implicitly admits, Trump has no establishment support. He needs that to do things & he can't undercut them.
RT @FornariSense RT @LindaSuhler: DESPERATION Republican Party Uses #SOTU Response to Attack Donald Trump// Think more than Suhler can.
.@PaulFeldman3350 @FornariSense: Ramos is now an American. Maybe instead just help me show him wrong would be better idea. #tcot #teaparty
.@FornariSense: what was the @jennybethm plan to stop amnesty? Did it work? (Also, how many millions has she raked in?)