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.@jaisalnoor: so far, @erinkotlan is incapable of defending her pro-mass #immigration propaganda. That's, of course, not unexpected.
.@erinkotlan: let me try again, easier. How are illegal aliens "disenfranchised" when all the elites defend them? @grahamdavida
.@erinkotlan: not surprised you can get #TheAtlantic to post you and then can't defend your ideas. Maybe ask a friend to help. @grahamdavida
@erinkotlan great! Can you 'follow' me on here? Then I can send you a direct message about setting it up
@erinkotlan This would be for @TheRealNews, an independent, non-profit news program based in Baltimore.
hey @erinkotlan, are you available for a brief interview on Sanders coming to Liberty? Read your piece in The Atlantic
.@erinkotlan: re your #TheAtlantic post, where did Jesus say anything about immigrants as you claim? As a group, are they "disenfranchised"?