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.@EEFWW: NRA, BLM, illegal aliens, and others all do great at forcing pols to do what they want. @WritersOnTrump isn't in their league.
.@EEFWW: if he doesn't, then I'll make him pay by discrediting him to his followers (& continue doing the same with the #NYT hacks).
.@EEFWW: I want HotAir's O'Connor to pressure NYT hacks so they'll use their access to ask Hillary (or Trump or...) real questions.
.@EEFWW: the open letter in question: He either responds or I use him not responding to undercut him to his fans.
.@EEFWW: OTOH, if O'Connor ignores my open letter (or responds stupidly), I'll work to discredit him too. @WritersOnTrump @L_o_T13
.@EEFWW: @WritersOnTrump open letter is a weak plea to
.@EEFWW: if you scroll back you'll see I just posted open letter. Unlike @WritersOnTrump, it has an action plan. That's important. @L_o_T13
.@EEFWW @L_o_T13: AFAICT, @WritersOnTrump has no action plan to stop Trump. They're just about in-group posturing. Correct me if wrong.
.@EEFWW: what impact will "immigration of best + brightest" have on those "overpopulated areas" like, e.g., Haiti?