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Shadow Banned for Years in Florida
Ego is Not Your Amigo- ❤️Being Silly & Spunky Clean & Simple Life, NHL, College Football-Anti-Corruption, Anti-Moochers #MAGA Libertarian-Girl Next Door
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Eric Holder to Justice Department employees: Stay put. That Fifth Column isn't going to run itself.
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From @ECoastYellaHair
@MarkSKrikorian @bayes46 Obstruction of Justice - Trump needs some cojones and fire Sessions.
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From @Redbaiternz
@ECoastYellaHair @bayes46 @MarkSKrikorian Yeah, he's sure dragging the chain on things that matter.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Redbaiternz: FYI, @MarkSKrikorian is just another grifter. Check this out: #MAGA