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Happily married Navy wife Marine daughter Army mom REAGAN Common Sense Conservative❤️ Trauma Surgical Nurse. Not a liberal bone in my body #RNR #NRA #Trump2016
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.@dovorah001: I missed your reply. What's Pres Trump do after ACLU ties him up in court & Congress pulls his funding? #Trump2016 #tcot #ows
"Educator & Image Model" surfermom77 RTs "@dovorah001: Oh Ted Cruz. Your such a piece of shit". #Trump2016 = #idiocracy. #tcot #uniteblue
.@dovorah001: I missed your reply. What does Prez Trump do after Congress pulls his funding & ACLU blocks his Muslims plan in court? #tcot
.@watchingfreedom @dovorah001: Prez Trump tries to keep out all Muslims. Congress pulls his funding & ACLU blocks it in court. What next?
MT @watchingfreedom RT @dovorah001: After that #SOTU, Ryan's applause & Haleys speech your DAMN RIGHT we R sending #Trump to the WH‼️#Fired