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Deb DeMoss Fonseca
Washington, DC
Love hubby and our 5 fabulous kids... Real Estate, Politics & Palm Trees.... Conservative Republican.
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.@DeMossFonseca: in May I sent (2x) & Why didn't you act on that, like on CNN? @maxrogo
.@DeMossFonseca: on Aug 9 you asked me "so what did I get wrong?!" See
@DeMossFonseca @24AheadDotCom_ I have no dog in this hunt. I just made a joke a week ago.
@DeMossFonseca @24AheadDotCom_ I have no dog in this hunt. I just made a joke a week ago.
.@maxrogo: FYI, @DeMossFonseca has a habit of getting things wrong:
@DeMossFonseca Of course, I was just riffing off @NateSilver538's question and the general demeanor of the Trump campaign.
.@BillMcCleery01: I've repeatedly tried to get @DeMossFonseca to help with the *only* plan that will stop Trump. She's not helping so far.
@DeMossFonseca Will @MittRomney or @BenSasse reconsider?? @CarlyFiorina ?
.@DeMossFonseca: since you don't support engaging Trump in Socratic debate & showing him wrong, what's the smartest plan you can think of?
.@DeMossFonseca: I didn't hear back from you. Only want to stop Trump is Will you help make that happen?
.@demossfonseca: use the points on against @kayleighmcenany & ask her the questions at #CNN
.@demossfonseca: Trump is owned by the big banks, & they'd mess with his company if he touched remittances, audited the Fed, etc. #tcot #CNN