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Col. Morris Davis
Washington, DC, area
Former Guantanamo Chief Prosecutor/retired Colonel. NATSEC commentaries in NY Times & on CNN & MSNBC. Tweets/RTs solely in personal capacity as private citizen.
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.@MicheleJeanson1: as bad as Trump is, @ColMorrisDavis "doxed" an innocent person & refused to acknowledge it. #dishonorable #resist
.@dHoodstr: FYI, @ColMorrisDavis "doxxed" (very bad) an innocent person (even worse) & then wouldn't acknowledge it.He has no honor. #resist
.@creekbear: FYI, @ColMorrisDavis has no integrity, honor, ethics, or morals:
.@AnushaysPoint: please check this out: @ColMorrisDavis has zero ethics.
.@towner_terri: @ColMorrisDavis "doxed" an innocent person, then said nothing. Scum like him *help* Trump. #ImWithHer
.@mch7576: FYI, @ColMorrisDavis has no integrity: He's a disgrace. #ImWithHer #Trump2016
.@Jsue2U: @ColMorrisDavis doxed someone who the protagonist admits didn't do what Davis accused her of doing. He lacks honor. #ImWithHer
.@ColMorrisDavis: first thing I'll do is send your tweet to the lawyer of the lady you doxed. I have no doubt you'll represent yourself.
.@ColMorrisDavis: Gramps Elledge - the immigration lawyer behind the tale - says the lady you doxed "didn't write the comment."
.@ColMorrisDavis: you posted a pic of the "we only tip citizens" receipt, "doxing" the signer. That's very irresponsible. Esp since Gramps..
.@ColMorrisDavis claims to be "Guantanamo chief prosecutor 2005-07". One might think someone with that job thinks things through. Not so.
Or, you could be a citizen & demand better from all. #ImWithHer #GOP MT @ColMorrisDavis: I'd rather be America's Merkel than Putin's Puppet.
MT @ColMorrisDavis #Ferguson ... the Fallujah of Missouri. // Seriously? #tcot #teaparty #tgdn #gop #sgp
.@ColMorrisDavis: why @speechboy71 is a lightweight, at least on #immigration: #tcot #teaparty #gop