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.@cjmudd1: when Harry Reid warned about illegal aliens taking jobs from Americans, was that a far-right conservative #FoxNews stance?
.@cjmudd1: remember I asked if it was Dutch? It apparently was German to Walloon to English.
.@cjmudd1: over and above me being right about immigration and you being wrong, what specific language/dialect is your name from?
.@cjmudd1: Harry Reid on #immigration in 1993: Was he "extreme rightwing" at that time?
.@cjmudd1: 20 years ago, Harry Reid opposed illegal #immigration. Was he "extreme rightwing" at that time?
.@cjmudd1: 1. your name is strange. Is that Dutch or a DE dialect? 2. The post is just more self-interested crooked muddled thinking.
.@cjmudd1: hey Harry, can you list all those on your side of #immigration? I'll start: Koch, USChamber, WalMart, Grover Norquist, Boehner...
.@cjmudd1: your #immigration stance would lead to same thing as stance of Gates, Murdoch, Bloomberg, Adelson... If you disagree let me know.
.@cjmudd1: as a "populist" it's odd that your #immigration stance closely aligns with that of USChamber & 10 of 10 billionaires. #ows #tlot