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.@CindyBP: back in Dec 15 I asked for your help to discredit Harry Reid. Why did you decide not to help discredit Harry Reid?
.@CindyBP @KeepItRealist: if you want to do something, make Harry Reid care by asking him tough questions: #Nevada
.@CindyBP @KeepItRealist: Harry Reid could care less about what you think. You have to *make* him care by using immigration to discredit him
.@CindyBP: whining about the elites isn't enough. They *do* *smart* things. Emulate them, ask @Bidenshairplugs why he refuses to do that.
.@CindyBP: I used to contribute to Malkin's immigration blog. She's so far refused to help this anti-amnesty plan:
.@GrimesSue @CindyBP: @NumbersUSA could have easily stopped amnesty but chose not to. They're just a jobs program for Roy Beck & his son.
RT @CindyBP: “@NumbersUSA: .@JebBush said immigrants work harder and are more "family-oriented" than Americans #CPAC2015…