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KGB Chris
Studio City, CA
Entertainment, Real Estate. Studied Neuroscience/Psych + Religion. Hoosier in Hollywood. Los Angeles for Trump! Blocked by @kurteichenwald
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.@Cali_Deplorable: are those cons who havent turned their backs on fellow citizens in CA competent at "fewer refugees/more for vets"? #MAGA?
.@Cali_Deplorable: cons (those who don't turn their backs on fellow citizens in CA) are in charge of "fewer refugees/more for vets". #MAGA?
MT @Cali_Deplorable How do ppl defend paying for more refugees when CA spends $25B/yr on illegals while homeless vets sleep on the streets?
.@CatGifMegan87 @Cali_Deplorable @joepabike @globalmjreform: I know the @jack type all too well: Use against TWTR
MT @CatGifMegan87: @Cali_Deplorable @joepabike Trump @globalmjreform Is it me, or is @jack giving out checkmark to his friends?