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Arizona, USA
BA/Linguistics-English/French/Spanish. *❤ Animals & my dogs Conrado, Lassie, Camilla, Susie-Q, Mathilda, Peggy. *QiGong, TCM, Nutrition, Books,Classical music.
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We must beat them w/ what you lack: brains. MT @cindytko @LuisMGuerra1 @BSVLMJ You think you'll win ISIS over with kindness? You're a tool
.@LuisMGuerra1: that's nice, except being like ISIS is what ISIS wants. Best to avoid doing their bidding. @BSVLMJ #Trump2016 #tcot #ows
Let's be like ISIS! MT @LuisMGuerra1 RT @BSVLMJ: #ISIS burns caged children... MSM/Fox claim #Trump is bad man for suggesting waterboarding.
Crazy cat ladies gonna be crazy cat ladies. #tcot #teaparty #ows #uniteblue MT @BSVLMJ [a moi] You have been blocked.
.@BSVLMJ: FYI, I've repeatedly tried unsuccessfully to get @Rockprincess818 to help stop amnesty. Something to keep in back of your mind.