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Staff writer for @FDRLST. Insomniac. Pasta snob. French fry queen. Reach me: IG: bcpayton. Open DM's.
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.@Bre_payton: there are plenty of smart ways to undercut #Google. Why do you/Drudge/etc obsess over least effective/most childish ways?
.@Bre_payton: you, Drudge, LaRouchians, Alex Jones, etc. seem to pay a lot of attention to chalk drawings & "report" on them immediately.
.@Bre_payton blogs "Artwork Mocking Google’s Censorship Just Started Popping Up In California". Odd how that gets covered. Please explain.
.@Bre_payton: your goal is just to entertain 33% of America / the tiny sliver that reads #TheFederalist. I put USA first; you, page views.
.@Bre_payton: my goal if I wrote such a thing would be a failed effort to turn 80%-90% against SJWs & give them tools to do it effectively.
.@Bre_payton: you blog "Here Are All The Media Outlets Blatantly Lying About The Google Memo". I can certainly see it being worse.
Per Bre Payton (@Bre_payton) Trump revealing ultra top secret info to the Russians is OK because Obama admin did similar. #resist
.@Bre_payton: since pointing out Conway's FWD_Us poll was bogus would help the USA, I'm sure you'll join me & @KLSouth in pointing that out.
.@Bre_payton: I see you pointed out Kellyanne Conway did a poll for @FWD_Us. Here's how the poll was bogus: