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TN, waking up the closet Progs
Friendly atheist & research geek who sometimes uses bad language words. Opinionated smartass & liberal AF Fem #BLM #LGBT ally #ANON #gunsense #BiPaAv
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.@bimmerella: your cutesy pic isn't an argument. How does mass #immigration from Mexico to USA (as the Pope wants) help Mexico?
.@SirEdward2011 @bimmerella: the Pope is wrong on immigration: @DLind is always wrong:
.@bimmerella: so encourage infrastructure dvlmpt. Instead of giving CentAm liders safety valve, force them to reform by returning their ppl.
.@bimmerella: pro-American/CentAm alternative to @ElizabethBrossa ant-American/CentAm plan: #immigration #ows #occupy
.@elizabeth28536: #immigration stance of @bimmerella would encourage more kids to cross the desert, with some dying along the way. #ows #p2