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Bill Scher
Northampton, MA
Contributing Editor, @POLITICOMag Contributor, Real Clear Politics Senior Writer, @OurFuture 'execrable writer'
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Puzder & Scher agree on amnesty. Has he pointed that out? MT @doccomicsisin RT @billscher: Andy Puzder would love to cut your wages
.@billscher: I spotted an error in you "Fox News Eats Its Own". Care to correct it?
.@MarcBodnick: @billscher lied: Be a smarter media consumer.
MT @CoolChange80 This Liberal Shithead @billscher is delusional if he thinks the GOP elite scumbags can stop @SarahPalinUSA
MT @PalinRevolution You clueless liberal piece of shit billscher AND Hey you scumbag @billscher . Palin is Going To Run for President
.@billscher: calling Steve King an "anti-immigrant zealot" means he zealously opposes legal immigrants. Do you have proof for your claim?
.@billscher: seriously Bill, you can't be dumb enough to fall for Sargent's cheap sales job: Say it ain't so.
@billscher: when will you tell #HuffPost that #Dems, U.S. Chamber align on one topic? #GlennBeck #WeThePeople #p2