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I'm a proud #TeaParty Official in my town doing my part to keep the Progresives from taking MY country. #FOXNews #GlennBeck #SarahPalin 1 Timothy 2:12
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.@BarryWirth: downplaying the crimes illegal aliens do commit puts you in yahoo territory as much as Trumpkins who overstate it. #tcot #ows
.@BarryWirth: it's also not liberal to enable mass #immigration as you do: it puts you on same side as Koch, USChamber, etc. #ows #uniteblue
.@BarryWirth: Trump's a buffoon, but a good amount of criminals are crossing the border (as shown by CA's prison stats). #immigration ows
Cute! MT @BarryWirth Dont believe the LEFT's fear tactics. Mexicans are coming to murder & rape your family after Obama takes your guns
.@BarryWirth: what do you think of immigration?