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Alex Schadenberg
London Ontario Canada
Executive Director & International Chair
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.@EuthanasiaPC @AlexSchadenberg: @NoSuicideCA is run by a corrupt lobbying company. They completely failed & people will die because of it.
.@EuthanasiaPC @AlexSchadenberg: in May 2015 I asked you to help get @NoSuicideCA to oppose #AssistedSuicide the smart way. Did you do that?
.@mikesmith8026 @AIIAmericanGirI: so far, @AlexSchadenberg isn't doing all he could to stop assisted suicide. Help make him more effective.
.@AlexSchadenberg: it's time to be part of the solution, Alex.
.@AlexSchadenberg: the reason assisted suicide won is because supporters have higher IQs, they do things, and they don't have DunnkingKruger
.@AlexSchadenberg: back in May, I sought your help with this smart plan that would have stopped assisted suicide:
.@EuthanasiaPC @AlexSchadenberg: thanks for the kind words. Can you help get @NoSuicideCA to use that plan to stop euthanasia bills?
@24AheadDotCom_ @AlexSchadenberg Interesting idea! Thanks for sharing!
.@AlexSchadenberg: thanks for approving my comment. Now plz give me your feedback on ? Any comments/questions?
.@alexschadenberg: I just left a comment on your April SB128 post. Please give me your feedback, even if you don't like the idea.