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If every chick sat down when using a public toilet then we could all sit down. Hovering only leads to your piss on the seat. Stop it.
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.@sacca: it's time to grow up. Help those who know what they're doing to promulgate smart, valid arguments. Not tubas. @AlexBorstein
Promote valid arguments. MT @AlexBorstein Fucking genius!! RT @sacca Tubas trolling Nazis with cartoon music is my new favorite thing
Peasant genes. Short, solid, milks cows at 5am. MT @THEMEANKITTIES How is it [@AlexBorstein] look more beautiful, and younger each year
.@AlexBorstein: @RealLesStroud & @BearGrylls do real survival shows. #AmericanGrit is like Apprentice in spandex. I want #FamilyGuy @ 9pm.
.@AlexBorstein: please encourage acting like grown-up citizens who are peers of politicians, not children. See my pinned tweet.
.@AlexBorstein: what pols fear is a grown-up peer who knows what they're talking about engaging them in debate & showing them wrong.
.@AlexBorstein: pols love easy questions & know how to deal with rants: they express concern & then pivot to their talking points.
Teaparty did the same thing against Obamacare & lost big. MT @AlexBorstein [some dude ranting & raving at a townhall] Wow.
.@AlexBorstein: do a find for "depletes" in Trump's Saudi speech. If Trump understood what he said, @SethMacFarlane would be in trouble.
And it's about as effective as #TheResistance MT @AlexBorstein Even my lip gloss hates Trump. #xtreme #resist
RT @24AheadDotCom_: .@jvaughnzie says Mrs. Mike Pence looks like Ms Swan; @AlexBorstein says Swan " an immigrant & welcomes refugees".…
.@jvaughnzie @AlexBorstein: Pence (& Trump) are closer to USChamber/Koch bros/Obama/Hill/WalMart/etc than you know. That's OK, but learn.
.@jvaughnzie @AlexBorstein: Pence had his own amnesty plan, inspired by the Loctite heiress (no, really):
.@jvaughnzie says Mrs. Mike Pence looks like Ms Swan; @AlexBorstein says Swan " an immigrant & welcomes refugees". Vot Problems...
.@AlexBorstein @NHF_Hemophilia: to have real impact, ask them questions designed to show them wrong:
.@AlexBorstein @NHF_Hemophilia: obviously, pols aren't doing things as you'd like them, right? How exactly are they wrong?
.@AlexBorstein: aspire to this: Also, #TaxMarch will have zero effect. is much smarter.
.@AlexBorstein is in Spain, skiing: I'd go for a peak under my own power.
.@AlexBorstein: why are you RTing the spandex-clad whippet???
.@sethmacfarlane @AlexBorstein: #FamilyGuy is one big ethnic pejorative, but at least it's a funny ethnic pejorative unlike #TheMick.
.@AlexBorstein: #FamilyGuy Literature is fairly bad. How about something w/ more thought about older things? Beowulf, Edda, Greek myth etc.
If more had voted w brains & his loudest opponents (pres co excluded) had any, Trump woulda lost. MT @AlexBorstein I voted with my vagina.
.@AlexBorstein: letter on #FamilyGuy was to "Jerimoth Hill, RI". That's RI's highest point, I've been there & I own the domain. #facts
Some #Country crap has displaced #FamilyGuy. That's the type of thing we should riot. @AlexBorstein #Trump2016 #NeverTrump #ows #Occupy
.@AlexBorstein: really nice avatar. Also, #Bordertown is racist & very pro-corporate. US Chamber/WalMart/Koch/etc all want more #immigration
.@AlexBorstein: being learning about #immigration here: & #BorderTown
.@AlexBorstein: #BorderTown 's bad animation might be OK if it weren't so stupid. The money on #immigration leads to the Fed, banks, govts..
.@AlexBorstein: FYI, how @DC_Douglas in effect helped the Koch-linked FreedomWorks:
I'll also entertain @AlexBorstein as a hologram of her characters. #TheNew10
.@sethmacfarlane: how much would the unhinged @wesley_morris review of #Ted2 help you if anyone knew who he is? @AlexBorstein
.@AlexBorstein: what do you think of Twitter giving input on who gets suspended to womenactmedia? Do you stand with speech or its opponents?
MT @ThePianist1770 @AlexBorstein ...searching for pictures of you, it's [hard].. to not find you holding, touching, & showing your breasts.
.@AlexBorstein: supporters of mass #immigration: USChamber, #Koch, #WalMart, @SethMacFarlane, McDonalds, Tyson Foods, Murdoch, Bloomberg...
.@mtbjuky: I've seen a hires pic of Judy Miller. @AlexBorstein looks pretty good. P.S. I did this: #FamilyGuy
.@AlexBorstein: how could @SethMacFarlane be so cruel as to fire the actor that did #Brian just before Thanksgiving? #FamilyGuy #tcot #ows
@AlexBorstein: mass immigration is used by the wealthy to, among other things, drive down wages. Whose side will MacFarland be on?
FYI: my #Twitter respondent @AlexBorstein has a new show coming up: #teaparty #tcot #tgdn #uniteblue #ows #tlot