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I took the initiative in creating the internet. Invented global warming aka climate change. Does anyone know a good massage therapist?
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.@Al_Gorelioni @CorsairR2800 @Dwarfclone: when you really want to stop amnesty, just do this:
.@Al_Gorelioni @CorsairR2800 @Dwarfclone: with a #GOP or Dem Congress, if Trump follows through - "if" - USChamber will buy off Congress.
Da,"unless" MT @Al_Gorelioni Unless he's stopped by Congress, I trust that Trump with act on illegal immigration. @CorsairR2800 @Dwarfclone
@Al_Gorelioni @Dwarfclone I'm worried about SCOTUS nominees and reversal of Executive precedents. There's no warm fuzzy with Trump.
@Al_Gorelioni @Dwarfclone @PolitiBunny Which is fine. I have serious trust issues with Trump's want to reverse Obama's abuses.
@Al_Gorelioni @Dwarfclone @PolitiBunny Entirely different circumstance. Reagan was the president of SAG and avidly anti commie.
@Al_Gorelioni @Dwarfclone @PolitiBunny The most conservative candidate there is?
@Al_Gorelioni @Dwarfclone @John_16_2 @PolitiBunny I want smaller debates to where Trump is more exposed.
@Al_Gorelioni @Dwarfclone @John_16_2 @PolitiBunny Rand, Santorum, Kasich, Bush, Graham, Christie, and Huckabee need to drop out.
@Al_Gorelioni @Dwarfclone @John_16_2 @PolitiBunny Sorry, bragging about bolstering the UAW...I'm done.
@Al_Gorelioni @John_16_2 @PolitiBunny Your opinion is of value only to you. This is America, you have the right to be wrong. #caring
@John_16_2 @Al_Gorelioni @PolitiBunny So, if I don't fawn over The Donald with his minions, I am a Democrat? Smh....
@Dwarfclone Who do you support aside from democrats? @Al_Gorelioni @PolitiBunny @Brick_04
@John_16_2 @Al_Gorelioni @PolitiBunny @Brick_04 smh......
@Dwarfclone Who's your candidate. Who do you support? @Al_Gorelioni @PolitiBunny @Brick_04
@Al_Gorelioni @John_16_2 @PolitiBunny @Brick_04 Why can't you care as little about what I think as I do you?
@John_16_2 @Al_Gorelioni @PolitiBunny @Brick_04 You have no idea how tedious you are and how you turn others away from Trump.
@Al_Gorelioni The night she deleted a shitload of Tweets and joined the cuckservative astroturf show @Dwarfclone @PolitiBunny @Brick_04
@Al_Gorelioni @John_16_2 @PolitiBunny @Brick_04 It's not false as he did call bunny a racist. No.
@Al_Gorelioni @John_16_2 @PolitiBunny @Brick_04 Is it hard to walk with your panties in a wad all the time? Can't we just disagree?
@Al_Gorelioni @John_16_2 @PolitiBunny @Brick_04 Here, this may help. I don't "hate" Trump, just can't support him
@John_16_2 @Al_Gorelioni @PolitiBunny @Brick_04 @4Awesometweet It was a response to an apparently deleted tweet.
@Dwarfclone No thread. No retweet. Just a troll graphic. Astroturf? @Al_Gorelioni @PolitiBunny @Brick_04 @4Awesometweet
@John_16_2 @Al_Gorelioni @PolitiBunny @Brick_04 @4Awesometweet
@Al_Gorelioni Bunny, the racist pretending not to be a racist to paint Trump as a racist. @Dwarfclone @PolitiBunny @Brick_04 @4Awesometweet
@Al_Gorelioni @PolitiBunny @Brick_04 @4Awesometweet @JoeC1776 I'm just not interested in Trump, and I'm tired of sycophants. Got it?!?