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United States of America
I pledge allegiance to the🇺🇸of the US ofAMERICA and to the REPUBLIC 4which it stands,ONE NATION UNDER GOD,indivisible w/LIBERTY&JUSTICE4all. #American by CHOICE
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RT @Natire2u: Supreme Court Blocks Obama's Illegal Alien Exec Amnesties► @Nuria2407 @TerriMarsh11 #USA#US https://…
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.@_Proud_American: amnesty will come back if Hill's elected. NumbersUSA lets USA down by not even trying to stop amnesty as a concept.
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.@_Proud_American @DefendingtheUSA: Trump's LA & possible KY wins are by slim margins. Cruz trounced him in KS & ME. #Trump2016 #tcot #loser