Since you asked: I'm wearing shorts, and if not for the rain I'd just be wearing a t-shirt. L.A. can't even storm right.
Only good thing I can say about #teaparty is that they aren't (yet?) throwing torches and smashing planters: #sgp
New England Patriots mascot Pat the Patriot arrested in prostitution sting: Make up your own joke.
Man in furry suit caught on camera set in forest to spot game; Northern Minnesota Bigfoot Research Team on case:
Anti-AGW hassled after asks questions at global warming confab: Proly true; you ask that prof quesitons (&better)
Gutierrez to intro amnesty on Tues, placeholder here: More important, how to block it:
@ThinkProgress, @nbclawandorder smear #glennbeck O'Reilly, Limbaugh: #teaparty not smart enough to respond. #sgp
This anti- #Palin post from @ThinkProgress is so dumb that even #teaparty might be able to discredit it: #sgp
Recap of Thu.'s immigrant detention hearings (WashInd, Eviatar):
Statue of Obama as a young boy - with butterfly alighting on hand - unveiled in Indonesia: #GravenIdols
Currently at Borders, perusing Amanda Marcotte's new book "Wendy & Little Debbie: Frontwomyn of the Patriarchy" @pandagon
#teaparty has questions: BHO would handle those with ease; TP not smart enough to make them better #sgp
It would be possible for those who are smart, sane, and not corrupt to deal with global warming. Too bad AGW opponents can't hit all three.
Video from Copenhagen global warming conference: LiveAid 2, with the warlords in this case being our leaders.
Oh no! I missed the premiere of "Stossel". It's 8pm Pacific? Well, er, my TV is set to Eastern time. Yes, that's it. Eastern time.
Why do #teaparty "patriots" support those who push mass immigration even as millions unemployed? Different kind of "patriots", I guess. #sgp
New #teaparty chant: "Hey Ho We Won't Go Until You Pass Laws Making It Easier for Koch & DickArmey's Friends to Make Money!" #glennbeck #sgp
Since #teaparty wants to be just like SDS, here's a couple vids: Fight the Power, Man!
#teaparty GreatThinkers to "storm" Senate offices, stage sit-ins, just like SDS. Too smart for them:
#CNNRealJournalism: Al Gore reads his Global Warming poem to @CNN "reporter": yeshe raz po-russki, pozhaluysta
What #teaparty was chanting - or not against - five years ago: #sgp #glennbeck (I opposed Bush & BHO cults)
#teaparty gives BHO an extremist, unpopular opposition & helps any Cloward Piven plans he might have. Is teaparty in on it? #glennbeck #sgp
Many worried about high govt spending, but sane people will run from #teaparty when find out who John Galt is. TP = ClowardPiven? #sgp
Why has the NYT's “Gift Guide for People Of Color" captured the r/w blogger imagination more than all the many, many other similar things?
All the intellectual heft of 14 y.o. Youtube vloggers battling: All that brainpower going to waste ;)
"Amish Buggy Driver Charged With DUI": #english
All the trustworthy reporting of the NYT and WaPo in one easily consumed location: #pravda #izvestia
@andrewbreitbart "shakes fist". Silly me, I just expose @mmfa lies: How @AmProg lies:
US DOJ sets up anti-Arpaio tip line:
Hey #teaparty: Ron Paul, Ayn Rand, and Broadway called. They want their organizers, ideology, & costumes back, respectively. #sgp #glennbeck
Can anyone in #teaparty account for their whereabouts while Bush was president? Seriously, where did these loons come from? #sgp #glennbeck
Latest #teaparty stunt of turning your back on the U.S. on 11/30 ("Patriotic Flu") failed, just like their other stunts. #sgp #glennbeck
♫ Prehistoric TV: #MusicMonday
Idiot tries throwing tomatoes at Sarah #Palin, misses her but hits cop in face: Not known whether MSM reporter.
Did Obama admin force WaMu sale despite them having liquidity & a plan in order to help JPMorgan? #important ?
♫ Kate Bush: #SensualBabe #MusicMonday
Obamas initially balked at Nativity scene in White House as other presidents had done, eventually relented:
♫ Leekspin, without the leek and without the spin: #MusicMonday #PolkaOutburst
In March, I tried to shame @AmProg into supporting imm. enforcement to reduce unemployment: Never to late to help
@BritneySpears You're completely, absolutely *wrong*. Glendale Del Taco would *p0wn* Atwater Del Taco in a head-to-head competition.
FWIW: Cornel West says Larry Summers wanted his help to "f--- up" a conservative professor at Harvard:
Pic of Applebaum's Jeep: Looks more like just an engine fire, but what's on passenger's door?
#teaparty: consider outreaching to the LARP community! Imagine: Princess Leia debating Rand w/ Tom Paine! Jefferson debating w furries, etc.
Obama’s Safe Schools Czar Kevin Jennings embroiled in "FistGate". As in "-ing". NSFW link to Gateway Pundit:
Two doctors in Arizona have billboard in Mexico advertising "Do you want to have your baby in the United States?"
Polanski defender Anne Applebaum's car exploded, she's unhurt: Bomb? (R/C?) Fuel-related accident?
Problem with the Dr. Pepper Scholarship Challenge is that those girls were throwing like girls. @pandagon
Problem with Dr. Pepper Win a Scholarship Contest is that those girls were throwing like girls. @pandagon
Security theatre & security risk as The Queen required to provide ID to re-enter England, VIPs on manifest:
Radical rightwing reactionary newspaper comes out against public sex tents at San Francisco street fair: #tlot
"Climategate: It Wont Go Away, So Report It!" sign held behind CBC reporter, video:
White SEIU hack does farm labor for a year, comes to wrong conclusions about "jobs Americans won't do":
@HuffingtonPost launches new "Westside and the Non-Yucky Parts of the Valley" edition. ("L.A. edition" is just a typo.)
#teaparty now sending rubber chickens to Congress. They just aren't smart enough to discredit politicians w tough questions. #glennbeck #sgp
2 of 2: But, Burns praises *Campbell Brown*. (pause). Burns has a book out, and I guess the HuffPost beats standing on the street corner.
1 of 2: Fmr Fox'er Eric Burns has tantrum about Beck, O'Reilly on HuffPost: His args against BOR stylistic...
At USAF photo op, Obama aides demanded plane switch from F-22 to F-15; he opposed F-22: (CFR turns on BHO?)
Randroid loon Instapundit links to this vid: Just go Galt already (in Somalia), you won't be missed. Bon voyage.
If #teaparty were the true patriots they claim, wouldn't they be supporting immigration enforcement & limiting work permits? #sgp #glennbeck
27.4 million un-/under-employed? #teaparty just selfishly whines, spouts AFP points instead of imm. enforcement.
Brute-forcing that pomegranate turned out to be a bad idea; couldn't they have designed them so it would be easier to get at the seeds?
#teaparty is right: they're the only true patriots in the U.S. and the 300+ million who disagree with them are traitors. #glennbeck #sgp
This AP video: appears to be more or less an ad for this anti-American bill:
CGI re-enactment of the #Tiger Woods incident: It's in Chinese, but subtitles aren't really necessary.
Those like @NakedEmperor helped elect BHO by misleading & overselling his quotes, which MSM corrected. They should have just told the truth.
@NakedEmperor "shock" vid: Howard Dean correctly points out we have a mixed economy: (Note: going off subtitles)
@mattyglesias wants to take toys from needy U.S. kids: Old-time libs wd call on forgn gov'ts to take care of own.
Foreign concepts to #teaparty: "polling results", "election results", "deliberation", "facts", "truth", "self-control", "thinking", "sanity"
Frank Luntz + Goldwater Institute + McCain? + money followed:
My Twitter-friendly URL shortener - - shortens URLs and directly plays Youtube and now Myspace vids, like the last.
Rare 1987 concert footage of 10,000 Maniacs / Natalie Merchant with My Sister Rose: Bad A/V, good #twirling
Deep Purple live 1970 with Speed King: #MusicMonday
Obsequious AP hack @borenbears asks how much BHO is like Spock, needs two other AP hacks to help:
That reminds me: "Sasha" and "Malia" are sure signs that Obama is a Marxist communist Soviet mole. #teaparty #sgp #glennbeck
Non-metal Маша of Arkona sings about a different valley: #MusicMonday #TumanBabe
Feel-good #arcadian Fog in the Valley from Belarus' Jambibum (Джамбібум): #MusicMonday #ArcadianBabe
Safely out of Faun, #SagaBabe Lisa Pawelke w/ group that sings song from 9th century's Kassia: #MusicMonday
Reading blogs/pundits/MSM, I sometimes get the feeling none of this is real and I'm trapped in my own personal version of Idiocracy.
Reading blogs/pundits/MSM, I sometimes get the feeling none of this is real and I'm trapped in my own personal version of 'Idiocracy'.
@Lizardoid (LGF) to *some* extent correct about right: But, wrong about rest, can't oppose correctly. #teaparty
Here's Richard and Linda Thompson with Down Where the Drunkards Roll (album version): #MusicMonday #FeelGoodMusic
Change of pace: #FinnBabe Pauliina Lerche sings "Jo mie viikon" #peppy #MusicMonday No idea what she's singing.
Shock therapy for #teaparty: 5. The idea that you're the only patriots is extremely absurd. 300+ million Americans disagree with you. #sgp
Shock therapy for #teaparty: 4. Dick Armey did stimulus lobbying around the same time @Freedomworks incompetents opposed it. #glennbeck #sgp
Shock therapy for #teaparty: 3. Going Galt - turning your back on the U.S. - is the opposite of patriotic. #glennbeck #spg
Shock therapy for #teaparty: 2. Those pulling the strings support mass immigration; that reduces your power, raises your taxes. #sgp #tcot
Shock therapy for #teaparty: 1. Playing dress-up games doesn't make you a patriot. #sgp #glennbeck
Millions of Americans are out of work. Instead of agitating for immigration enforcement, #teaparty just selfishly whines. #sgp #glennbeck
Hot #SnowBabe + catchy + Old Icelandic + #drummachine (!?!) = (Faun). #MusicMonday Tip: +real drums, -studio junk
@NYtimesKrugman calls for 2nd stimulus, WPA: Too corrupt to simply suggest enforcing our immigration laws.
Full text of the clemency @GovMikeHuckabee granted to alleged Washington cop killer:
I never got the "Chelsea Clinton is ugly" thing, and I wouldn't say that anyway. In fact, this is 1 of my faves:
#Beowulf in Modern English + #HurdyGurdy + #Theremin = more interesting than you might think: #MusicMonday
Natalie Merchant My Skin: Buy the Ophelia CD as a gift here: #MusicMonday
Politico tries reaching Joe Klein level of sycophancy, protects Obama from the real stories he doesn't want told:
#teaparty is saved! Chuck Woolery - former host of "Meow Mix Think Like a Cat Game Show" - comes out as a supporter. #sgp #glennbeck
Hey #teaparty: Dick Armey supports massive/illegal immigration; that would lead to more power for Dems & more spending. #sgp #glennbeck #doh
LaRouche & followers seem to be planning a trip to the Moon and Mars on their nuclear-powered rocketship: #comet
Hey #teaparty: Dick Armey did stimulus bill lobbying: Does anyone think he lobbied to reduce it? #sgp #glennbeck
Another great #teaparty intellectual: (Delusional Insty-linked source: ) #sgp #glennbeck