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People's Republic of Gaia
Let me be clear - some of you aren't fully committed to the struggle. You are physically and intellectually weak and cling to bourgeois comforts.
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NB: if by "obfuscate" @SemperBanU means "pack", that's a valid option. But, obfuscated JS can always be recovered. #tcot #ObamaCareCodeFail
.@SemperBanU: re the Java project (cached), isn't that a public webservice? I only glanced at it; is there pvt info? #ObamaCareCodeFail
.@SemperBanU: there would be a less verbose way to construct registration.js, but at first glance it isn't "crrazy". #ObamaCareCodeFail
.@SemperBanU: registration.js should have been *minified*, but obfuscating wasn't necessary & obfuscation doesn't work anyway. #tcot #tgdn
.@SemperBanU: I don't see how #HealthCareGov registration.js is "crrrazy" (per Drudge). It appears to be autogen'd client-side error msgs.