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Does Donald Trump vindicate Pat Buchanan? - 11/01/16

Pat Buchanan seems to think that Donald Trump vindicates his positions; see "Pat Buchanan 'Delighted to Be Proven Right' by 2016 Election" [1]. I left the following comment. This is a comment so it's not in the same format as a normal post here:

Pat Buchanan off MSNBC: Van Jones and elites win; working Americans lose; Teaparty still incompetent - 01/08/12

UPDATE: He's now officially off MSNBC, prompting this question: why couldn't conservatives keep Pat Buchanan on the air? From this: MSNBC's top executive said Saturday that he hasn't decided whether conservative commentator and author Pat Buchanan will be allowed back on the network.

Gabriel Thompson (unwittingly?) supports labor exploitation, low wages (Russellville, Alabama, immigration, Alternet) - 08/27/11

Gabriel Thompson - author of "Working in the Shadows: A Year of Doing the Jobs (Most) Americans Won't Do" [1] - offers an article [2] at Alternet opposing Alabama's new immigration law in which he shows that either he's clueless, or he thinks his readers are.

Buchanan notes dire consequences of "free" trade, establishment policies; now, here's what you can do - 01/03/10

Pat Buchanan discusses the ravages of "free" trade and other policies espoused by the establishment over the past decade here. Please go read it and then come back here and I'll tell you what you can do about it.

We Can Stop The Hate: Mexico-linked groups try silencing opponents of illegal immigration - 01/31/08

The extremist-funding National Council of La Raza has started a new effort called We Can Stop The Hate ( which is attempting to silence those who support our immigration laws by highlighting what they call examples of "hate". Three of their cohorts in the effort have at least indirect links to the Mexican government. Note that that government has explicitly stated that they're going to be using U.S.

Coalition plans May Day actions (2007) - 03/18/07

"Coalition plans May Day actions"/[[February 8, 2007]]/Minnie Bruce Pratt and LeiLani Dowell/Workers World/ link In an historic development in the U.S. immigrant rights struggle, a coalition of national organizations met in Los Angeles on Feb. 3-4 to plan and coordinate the "Great American Boycott II" for May 1.

James Poniewozik: Ugly Americans want to deport Ugly Betty! - 11/29/06

James Poniewozik is Time's TV critic, and he offers a ludicrous slab of pro-illegal immigration propaganda in "Ugly, the American". It's about the 'Ugly Betty' TV show: ...Smart and sweet-hearted, she embodies the Puritan-Shaker-Quaker principle of valuing inner good over outer appearance. She's as Norman Rockwell as a chestnut-stuffed turkey. The actress who plays her is even named America Ferrera.

WND and the WSJ on Rush, Bush, and illegal immigration - 01/31/05

WND and the WSJ discuss Rush's recent conversion to slightly critical of Our Leader. See this post for Rush's remarks with links to the underlying stories. From WND: