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barack obama (398)mitt romney (134)george w bush (64)
bill clinton (43)hillary clinton (27)sarah palin (24)
meg whitman (16)herman cain (14)george p bush (12)
joe biden (11)mccain campaign (11)orly taitz (11)
michelle obama (9)bob barr (7)philip berg (7)
donald trump (7)al gore (6)carly fiorina (6)
howard dean (5)alan keyes (5)mark mckinnon (4)
amlo (4)mike murphy (4)stephen harper (3)
dick cheney (3)doug hoffman (3)jimmy carter (2)
mike gravel (2)steve schmidt (2)bill bratton (2)
tino cuellar (1)caroline kennedy (1)frank marshall davis (1)
isiah leggett (1)joe kennedy ii (1)chuck baldwin (1)
michael dukakis (1)wesley clark (1)michael badnarik (1)
gary south (1)