Three low-level Democrats join pointless call for Janet Napolitano to resign

Fox News has found (link) three (3) low-level Democrats who are calling for Janet Napolitano to step down following the attempted terror attack in Detroit. The three are:

* New Jersey State Senate President Richard Codey
* Democratic strategist Dan Gerstein, "a former adviser to Sen. Joe Lieberman, I-Conn"
* Former New York Republican Sen. Alfonse D'Amato

1. None of those three appear to be at the center of the political universe, so unless they get others to join them Napolitano doesn't have much to worry about.
2. Her stepping down would be a symbolic gesture that would paper over problems. The reason why the terrorist was able to get as far as he did is a systemic problem; making Napolitano the scapegoat would paper over the problem. It wouldn't solve anything except making reforms less likely.
3. The way to handle this is to ask things like, "Would Napolitano have had more time to solve systemic problems if she hadn't spent so much time promoting Obama's agenda, specifically comprehensive immigration reform?"
4. Some of her critics on the right probably only had a general idea of who she is until now, and haven't criticized her in the past for her support for illegal immigration and her failure to enforce our immigration laws. Ask them why they weren't paying attention to that and it took a failed terror attack for them to learn her name.


Any day that a corruptocrat criticizes another corruptocrat is a good day, regardless of the outcome.

The way I look at it is Napolitano has been the point person for the Obama admin's amnesty push, so anything that further hurts her already-low credibility is a good thing. i.e., further evidence that she can't trusted on real immigration enforcement and border security.