Texas Teaparty groups pressure Rick Perry on immigration (sanctuary cities)

A few days ago, a coalition of tea party and conservative groups came out against an anti-illegal immigration bill. Now, for fair and balanced coverage, there's this (link):

Tea Party activists are promising to hold Rick Perry's feet to the fire over illegal immigration.

A group of them will stage a news conference at the Texas Capitol on Monday urging Perry to enact a ban on so-called “sanctuary cities,” municipalities where they say local police are required to take a lax attitude toward the enforcement of federal immigration laws.

The activists will distribute a letter, signed by more 3,000 people, asking the governor to either call a special session of the Legislature or sign an executive order that would pull Texas law enforcement more into the business of arresting and detaining illegal immigrants, organizers said. They'll deliver the letters to the Texas governor's office - and are planning to send a copy to his presidential campaign.

The letter is at grassrootstexans.net/pages/Second_Open_Letter_to_Perry. All signatories are local Texas groups; two are apparently affiliated with the Tea Party Patriots (see the link), the largest group appears to be Grassroots America-We The People and a few groups are part of the Texas Tea Party Caucus Advisory Committee. Contrast that with the known (at least to me) names at the first link.

Also note that one of those who helped block the sanctuary bill was construction magnate Bob Perry who has no relation to Rick Perry outside of being one of his major contributors. Also note that Rick Perry's loose immigration stance probably suits the actual leaders of the teaparty (Dick Armey of FreedomWorks, the Koch family, etc.) just fine. Whether this will cause a rift between the Texas groups and the teaparty as a whole remains to be seen, but immigration is definitely an area where those pulling the strings on the whole movement don't want them to tread.