Teaparty apparently denied access to location of Obama visit (Arcadia University)

Barack Obama will be speaking at Arcadia University (Philadelphia) on Monday, March 8. And, it looks like he and his supporters are doing to the tea parties what George W Bush and Dick Cheney did to some of those supporters. From a press release from the "Independence Hall Tea Party Association" (independencehalltpa.com, in full here):

A least a few hundred Tea Partiers are expected to descend on the sidewalks surrounding Arcadia University, tomorrow, to voice their opposition to Obamacare after having been denied a request to hold a Press Conference/Rally on Campus.

An Arcadia University official, Laurie Bauer, denied the group access to the Campus after conferring with other University officials and, allegedly, the White House.

"We had hoped to be given space on campus so that we could better facilitate a Press Conference," said Organizer Don Adams. "We spoke with University Administrator, Laurie Bauer, around 3 PM on Friday. Ms. Bauer said she would check with unnamed University Officials and the White House. I was told to call her back in an hour.

"When I did so, she replied that the answer was "no." When I pressed her for permission to hold the conference on various campus parking lots, she again said, "no."

1. One wonders where the tea partier types were when Bush and Cheney were doing the exact same thing. I know where I was: complaining about such actions over five years ago. Can even a single tea partier provide evidence of them speaking out against "free speech zones" and the like during the eight glorious Bush years?

2. Obama's made dozens of appearances both before and after the election where he could be "cross-examined" over his policies. I tried to ask him a question at one such event over three years ago, I've spent countless hours promoting the question authority plan (such as trying to get people to attend his events and ask good questions instead of bad questions), and I've gotten almost zero help with it. The tea partiers are so incredibly stupid that they think waving loopy signs and acting like little kids is more effective than trying to engage Obama intellectually and show how he's wrong. It's still not a good thing that they'd be blocked from campus: let America see just how ineffective and foolish they are.