Stu Kreisman of has issues with "Anglo-Americans"

It doesn't matter to me - I'm an Ethnic-American after all - but "Anglo-Americans" might want to remember the name Stu Kreisman in case they see his name on credits somewhere. The "Emmy award winning writer-producer" and proprietor of offers "Another Blow To White American Lunatics" ( It's not difficult at all to find liberal racism and it's trite to play the switcheroo game, but liberal racism isn't usually so overt:

The rich "Country Club" Republicans, radio talk show hosts and screaming town hall lunatics just got another reason to hate Barack Obama. A Korean, Y.E. Yang, just beat Tiger Woods to win the 2009 PGA Championship... ...President Barack Obama, Justice Sonia Sotomayor, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Attorney General Eric Holder, Serena Williams, Denzel Washington, Penelope Cruz, Professor Henry Louis Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Puff Daddy, Tiger Woods and now Y.E. Yang. Good grief! Where's the angry Anglo-American male going to turn now? Expect a huge up tick in bass fishing and swastikas.

Note also, of course, that he has no clue about rich "Country Club" Republicans; they're usually the ones giving in to far-left concepts in order to make money or maintain power.


The race war on white americans started long ago with the so called civil rights BS, Soon many white americans will just start to disappear into into DC systems setup by obama and his boys and maybe this is justice.

Thanks for spotting this: Takes a strong stomach to read The Huffington Post! Best, PC

how many times am I supposed to see stuff like this until I realize who is doing it and why? I know one thing, it's not going to be much longer before 'bigot' 'racist' 'anti semite' become marks of honor.

VDARE is the best blog out there. You're in good company Lonewacko.

There's nothing to that post. The only point I see to posts like that is that the poster simply wants to publicly and sanctimoniously show off how down with diversity he is. Of course, that often blurs with white male bashing and this one went straight to that. Notice the Lou Dobbs put down, a classic way they try to gain favor with fellow multicultists. All in all, pretty lame but I'm sure he now feels even better about himself. Don't think--it's all about how you feel.

Maybe it is possible to move beyond the switcheroo game. There is no "La Raza" for white people, for instance. Instead of making the switcheroo argument about "La Raza," whites ought to go ahead and create a similar organization that looks out for the interests of white people.

The reason why whites do not have a political race hate boys like LaRaza is our government is in control of LaRaza and has been for a long time just like it was in control of the KKK; LaRaza will be used to do great murder in the coming race hate future as a control factor for the rulers.

Hal K the game is over and the oven is setup to be used soon against millions of people who just did not get in line, if you know what i mean?