Senators complain about DHS plan to reduce Border Patrol agents on southern border

A group of senators - mostly of the "secure the border first, then amnesty" variety - have sent a letter to Janet Napolitano of the Department of Homeland Security complaining about her plan to reduce the number of Border Patrol agents on the Mexican border. The letter is at [1], excerpted below:

On Thursday, September 24, there were published reports indicating that the Department of Homeland Security has decided to decrease the number of Border Patrol agents along the U.S.-Mexico border in fiscal year 2010. Recent statistics provided to our offices from your Department indicate that there are currently 17,415 agents assigned to the southern border. The Department stated in a press release from September 28 that it has no plans to reduce the current Border Patrol strength of “more than 17,000 along the southern border.” Therefore, we would like you to confirm that the current strength of 17,415 agents will be maintained or increased in fiscal year 2010.

We understand the importance of sufficient manpower along both borders and have worked diligently for years to increase the number of Border Patrol agents assigned to both borders. Unfortunately, the most recent Government Accountability Office report on border issues (Secure Border Initiative, September 2009) acknowledges that both our southern and northern borders are still porous and easily breached. Such reports do not inspire confidence that the Obama administration or your Department can do an effective job managing our international borders with fewer agents on the front line. With drug trafficking, human smuggling, and cartel violence at an all-time high, we believe that we should be doing more – not less – to secure our southern border with Mexico.

Respectfully, we request a response, in writing, that addresses these published reports. We would also appreciate details about your plans for manpower at the southern and northern borders.



If the act of non enforcement isnt treason, then I don't know what is. Not much makes this citizen more angry then representitives who put our safety, our quality of life, our jobs and keeps on importing poverty, that we have to pay for in ever increasing state and fed taxes! Enough to make you want another 1776 style revolution.

Talk and more talk its all over the border is down the enemies of freedom are here and the end can be understood if you look with open eyes. The guy is right but he like many are way to over do with this talk about borders and i think he understands its all for the show. with 10 millions of our enemies coming each year we are now out number and so the enemy obama will deluge us with 100 million so called legal and totally authorized enemies here to control the people who would act up against this evil. the real reasons is to control us with murder and rape and the end of our nation state for the benefits of the third world oligarchies we will become a nothing people living under the dictatorship of total evil.

Obama is a traitor to this country....notice I didn't say "his" country.

Mary is great and can see the enemies of freedom.