Schwarzenegger commission to give contract to company with Schwarzenegger associates (Steve Schmidt)

From this:

California's high-speed rail commission, dominated by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's appointees, is set to award a $9-million contract today to a company led by the governor's top political advisor and his former campaign manager.

The three commission staff members charged with recommending a public relations firm have advised the board to give the contract to Mercury Public Affairs at its meeting today. Schwarzenegger strategist Adam Mendelsohn is a partner at Mercury, as is Steve Schmidt, who managed the governor's 2006 reelection effort.

The web of ties is discussed in more detail at the link.


Well this is normal inside a third world nation with big money monkeies running things. after all Schwarzenegger got to paid off his friends just like obama is doing right now, its mormal with third world rulers doing businees. You will love the new world order. after all stupid people have it coming, the stink can be smelled ten billion light years away.

It's so much easier that way -- you don't have to go through that whole competitive bidding bore.