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Alt Right is still worthless at opposing censorship: they got Katie Notopoulos suspended but did it change minds? - 12/03/17

The latest grand plan from the Alt Right was to show Twitter engages in hypocrisy when it comes to suspending users and removing their verified status [1]; see the image below showing questionable tweets from verified users.

Twitter suspends Alt Right users: what everyone should do - 11/16/16

Twitter has suspended the accounts of various "Alt Right" users (link). Unlike some past cases, this wasn't due to "targeted harassment", saying mean things about people, or the like. This was purely ideological.

Twitter suspends 24AheadDotCom. Who's responsible? - 05/13/14

[8/19/14 UPDATE: THEY DID IT AGAIN, MORE LATER. I'M NOW AT @24AheadDotCom_ ] [SEE UPDATE AFTER THE TABLE] As can be seen from the "Take Action Now" block above and the page listing my tweets, Twitter is a major part of my broad campaign to hold politicians accountable and to block amnesty.