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In 2015, Wired magazine quoted Cagle (wired . com/2015/06/facebook-real-name-policy-problems) saying:

By controlling the identity of the speaker with this policy, Facebook has the effect of both reducing speech and eliminating speakers from the platform altogether. This is a particularly concerning move to the ACLU because forums like Facebook serve as the modern-day equivalent of the public square for a lot of communities.

Let's see if he applies that to Twitter and the Alt Right.

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.@mattshuham: IAC, it's odd that @matt_cagle won't speak out given what he said before: Will you ask him?
.@Matt_Cagle: hey Matt, in case you missed it I have a question for you: Are you waiting for ACLU National?
.@Matt_Cagle: I added a quote from you about Facebook silencing debate: Does same principle apply?
.@Matt_Cagle: when will #ACLU speak out against #Twitter banning #AltRight just over ideology?