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Breitbart downplays Trump congratulating Erdogan's win - 04/18/17

From "Trump Congratulates Erdogan on Turkey Vote Cementing His Rule" [1]: President Trump called President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey on Monday to congratulate him on winning a much-disputed referendum that will cement his autocratic rule over the country and, in the view of many experts, erode Turkey’s democratic institutions.

Half of Mexicans have unfavorable image of Americans - 01/13/13

The Pew Research Global Attitudes Project shows that Mexicans - the largest immigrant group to the U.S. - don't like Americans all that much.

30% of Mexicans think U.S. was behind 9/11 attacks (second highest behind Turkey) - 09/18/08

A recent World Public Opinion survey ([1]) shows that 30% of Mexicans think the United States was behind the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the second highest percentage in the entire survey, just behind Turkey at 36%. 33% said it was al Qaeda, 1% Israel, and 37% were Other or Don't Know.