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Randal Archibold/NYT: illegal immigration-supporting groups are right, "vigilantes" are wrong - 11/24/06

Randal Archibold of the New York Times offers "A Border Watcher Finds Himself Under Scrutiny", about Arizona rancher Roger Barnett: ...But now, after boasting of having captured 12,000 illegal crossers on land he owns or leases from the state and emerging as one of the earliest and most prominent of the self-appointed border watchers, Mr. Barnett finds himself the prey. Immigrant rights groups have filed lawsuits, accusing him of harassing and unlawfully imprisoning people he has confronted on his ranch near Douglas. One suit pending in federal court accuses him, his wife and his brother of...

Academic McCarthyism from the SPLC? - 11/15/06

Say it ain't so! However, consider the case of Kevin MacDonald, a Professor of Psychology at California State Universitya

Southern Poverty Law Center sues ICE over Stillmore immigration raids - 11/01/06

In September, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents began sweeps in Stillmore, Georgia relating to illegal hiring at the Crider poultry plant in that town. Now, the SPLC is suing over those raids. On a perhaps related note, the Southern Poverty Law Center (more on them at that link or here) has at least one indirect link to the Mexican government. From the AP: A civil rights group sued the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency Wednesday, claiming its agents had harassed five U.S. citizens of Mexican descent during raids targeting illegal immigrants in southeast...

Patrik Jonsson promotes illegal immigration in Stillmore, Georgia - 10/03/06

Patrik Jonsson of the Christian Science Monitor offers "Crackdown on immigrants empties a town and hardens views", which is so highly similar to the story discussed in "Russ Bynum/AP promotes illegal immigration (Stillmore, Georgia)" that I barely need to add anything more: almost everything said about that slab of pro-illegal immigration propaganda applies to the current slab. There are a few minor differences. For instance, we learn that the Crider plant "does everything from poultry processing to packing M&Ms for the military to grilling the ribs for restaurant franchises, employees..., Part 2 - 09/28/06

These Free Republic threads have at least two things in common: The first commonality is that they're all in FR's "f-chat" section, which, as it sounds, is for "chatty" things rather than the supposedly hard news section at "f-news".

AP ignores Peter Schey Mexican government links (Border Human Rights Working Group) - 08/24/06

An AP story about a recent crash fails to note a key affiliation of one of the groups mentioned. If you've never heard of the CHRCL, you might think they're just an ordinary "human rights" group: A border rights coalition asked federal officials Wednesday to suspend Border Patrol high-speed chases pending a review of a Yuma-area rollover two weeks ago that resulted in multiple deaths. The letter from the Los Angeles-based Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law also asked Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff and the heads of Customs and Border Protection and the Border...

Georgia illegal aliens protest organized by former Mexican consul - 03/24/06

[See the first update for more] Tim Molloy of the AP offers a roundup of the recent protest by illegal aliens who are demanding rights to which they aren't entitled in the falsely-titled "Immigration Rallies Draw Thousands Nationwide". It contains the following: Teodoro Maus, an organizer of the Georgia protest, estimated as many as 80,000 Hispanics did not show up for work. Molloy or his editors are apparently too shy to tell us that Maus isn't just a member of the "Coordinating Committee of Community Leaders". He's also a former Mexican consul. As with other professions, whether anyone...

Brad Knickerbocker of the CSM: Can you trust his reporting? - 01/22/06

Most definitely you can. Assuming that is, of course, that you want heavily biased yellow reportage such as that featured in "Across the country, many mobilize against illegal immigration" (link).

AP/Arthur H. Rotstein: some of my best friends are Minutemen - 12/20/05

The AP offers the biased report "Vigilante Anti-Immigration Group Gaining" about the Minuteman Project. A search shows that that's the original AP title, and not the one from Yahoo.

African-American Rep. wants to join Tennessee's White Caucus - 09/28/05

This article is extremely shocking: NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- A black Tennessee lawmaker lamenting his exclusion from the state's White Legislative Caucus claimed Tuesday the group was less accommodating that even the Nation of Islam. "My understanding is that the NoI doesn't even ban members by race," said Rep.

Debbie Schlussel meets the SPLC - 08/27/05

The Southern Poverty Law Center has responded to a post from her about the Ranch Rescue controversy. You really need to read their reply to believe it.

If far-left domestic terrorism is the greater threat... - 04/18/05

...then why did the NBC Nightly News mostly concentrate on "right-wing" terrorism? In a story broadcast tonight on domestic terrorism because of the anniversary of the Oklahoma bombing, they discussed both left and right wing domestic terrorism. (Similar story here; the one I saw is from a different "reporter" and is currently video-only). In fact, they even broadcast that left-wing terrorism is potentially the greater threat. However, that news was given in such a parenthetical, sotto voce manner that I'd imagine many people missed it.

Miami Herald "endorses indentured servitude" - 03/22/04

That's what the Stein Report says regarding the Miami Herald's editorial supporting the AgJobs bill ('A win-win for growers, farmworkers, America'). That bill would provide an amnesty for half a million illegal aliens. As history shows, amnesties simply lead to more illegal immigration. One amnesty leads to more illegal immigration, which requires another amnesty, which leads to more illegal immigration, repeat. As for the claim that the editorial supports indentured servitude, judge for yourself: ...AgJobs sets up a process by which illegal immigrants already working in agriculture could...

Morris Dees, racist and FBI informant - 01/06/04

The article "Declassified FBI memo reveals twists in probe" about the Oklahoma City bombing contains the following information relating to Morris Dees of the Southern Poverty Law Center: "(Name redacted) telephone call from (name redacted) on or about 4/17/95, two days prior to the OKBOMB attack, when (name redacted) of the SPLC, was in the white supremacist compound at (redacted), Oklahoma, notes the director." The Daily Gazette reports, "References to an informant working for the SPLC at Eloh